Shamoli Mondol lives with her husband and two sons in a small rural village in southern Bangladesh. Her husband, Sorojit Mondol, is a day laborer, who was the only earning member in his family. A day laborer depends on field work to earn money. Many days there was no field work available and Sorojit was not able to feed his family when he had no work. Considering their poverty, the Mondol family was selected by Bangladesh Nazarene Mission to benefit from a Nutrition and Food Security Project being funded through Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Samoli joined a women’s self help group and started weekly savings from March 2013. She attended monthly meetings of the group and learned about health, nutrition, sanitation, and how to prepare nutritious meals using locally available foods. Also, she learned how to start a small business. Like other members of the women’s group she received vegetable seeds and attended a Home gardening training. Using the little bit of land in front of her house, she was able to plant a vegetable garden.


After two months, BNM team visited her garden and found a variety of vegetables (i.e. Red Amaranth, Eggplant, Tomato, etc.) in her garden. During the visit, she and her husband said that the family was eating the vegetables and earning some money by selling excess vegetables in the market. The family now has sufficient food every day. Shamoli said that she will preserve some seeds in order to plant a garden again next season. She also said that many villagers are coming to see her garden. She is very thankful to BNM and donor for this support. “You have changed my life” she said.