Real change begins with a real relationship.

We often do, without realizing it take things granted living in North America?  

Of course we do. But let's not also overlook the fact that, in the middle of our everyday routines, we are able to make a very real and lasting impact in the lives of children and families in the developing world. It's NOT just a catch-phrase.  You CAN make a difference.


The child, and the child's community benefits directly from the financial help you offer. The funds provide essentials to live, and tools needed to help forge a brighter future. And, just as important, the personal connection with you - the sponsor - gives them what they need most. Hope.


You benefit too.  There is something powerful, something supernatural, about the words of Jesus when He said "It is better to give than to receive." When we give of what we have, and see the joy and hope it provides, WE end up feeling blessed. Why? Because, in Christ, this is an important part of our purpose.



  1. Click on the button "SPONSOR A CHILD TODAY

  2. Select the child you want to sponsor. Write down the Child's Name and ID#.

  3. Contact Yara Cristales at the National Office in Canada to set up your Child Sponsorship and Payment Plan. Telephone: 1-888-808-7490 or 905-602-8220.

  4. Provide Yara Cristales the Child's Name and ID#.

NOTE: In order for you to receive a charitable (tax) receipt for your child sponsorship payments, you must set up your child sponsorship through the National Office in Canada (Yara Cristales) rather than directly on the Global website (US). 


Children involved in Child Development programs participate in various daily activities at a Child Development Centre. These activities include worship and Bible lessons, educational mentoring and tutoring, formal academic training (in some cases), skills training, annual health check-ups, recreational activities, summer camps and other developmental activities.


NCM Canada is funding Child Development Centres in Malawi and also providing CDC buildings in Bangladesh and Nepal. These Child Development Centres provide education and / or after school tutoring, health check-ups for children, school books and uniforms, teachers supplies, sports equipment etc.


NCM Canada is also funding projects at Zukuma Nazarene School.

Each gift will be used as designated except where any given need has been fully met or in the case when the specified project(s) cannot be reasonably carried out, then the donor agrees that the designated gift may be used where it is needed most.


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