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NCM Canada is funding Child Development Centres.


In Malawi NCM Canada has funded 5 Church buildings that serve as Holistic Child Development Centres. In Bangladesh, over 60 churches have also been funded that serve as centres and compassionate ministries centres to the surrounding communities.

As the video (above) describes, these Child Development Centres typically serve 75-100 children each and function the same as the program funded by child sponsorship (above) providing education and / or after school tutoring, health check-ups for children, school books and uniforms, teachers supplies, sports equipment etc.


These items and services to children in Child Development centres can be “purchased” through our NCM Canada Gift Catalogue. 

How do holistic child development programs make a difference?

NCM child-focused programs are based on a Holistic Child Development model that seeks to simultaneously address key aspects of a child’s life—spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, and relational. Through this model, children gain skills and opportunities to interrupt the cycle of poverty, dream about their futures, experience God’s love in tangible ways, and grow into the people God created them to be.


Holistic Child Development involves the following:

  • Educational support in addition to schooling and nutritional aid makes it possible for children to thrive

  • Partnership with local churches that seek to help children understand that God loves them, they are created in God’s image, they are valued and have God-given dignity, and they can have a personal relationship with Jesus

  • Recognition of the importance of family and community in a child’s life, knowing that the best child development happens when children grow up in the context of a loving, healthy, empowered family

Each gift will be used as designated except where any given need has been fully met, in which case the donor agrees that the designated gift can be used where needed most.  NCM Canada is a ministry of the Church of the Nazarene Canada  Reg. No 127875276RR0001

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