• 94 new Covid-19 projects totalling over $800,000 USD have been initiated across all six world areas.  Most provide food and / or hygiene supplies to needy people in communities served by local Nazarene churches. Check out Facebook for stories and posts.

  • Regional NCM coordinators are meeting weekly to discuss progress and to coordinate response.

  • Africa region has initiated a Covid-19 task force for a region-specific strategy. Many African countries are just now experiencing the first wave of infections as is much of South Asia. We are anticipating subsequent waves of infections. Eurasia has already moved into its second wave. 

  • During lockdowns imposed by governments, the poorest and most marginalized are experiencing extreme hunger and are desperate for food.  Please consider giving to our NCM Covid-19 response. You can help save lives!

  • Pray for NCM and the church leaders who are distributing much needed Food and Supplies.

  • Pray for all those infected, especially those who are most vulnerable to this virus.


If your church is responding to needs in your community and decides to request additional resources from NCM, the following are the NCM guidelines for accessing NCM funding.

NCM response must be to the most vulnerable.

  • the elderly (over 60) and /or those with prior serious health conditions and especially those having little or no access to health care

  • those who are marginalized and are among the poorest of the poor (or have lost income/livelihood and have no income/assets to sustain themselves) who are deprived of food/necessities during lockdown / isolation / quarantine conditions.       


NCM response must be Church-led which means that NCM support is designed to supplement what local church / churches are already doing.


NCM response must be Community-based means that we serve the most needy in the community regardless of religion or creed. (The most needy can of course include needy Nazarenes who are part of the community but is not limited only to Nazarenes.)


There is funding available across the regions providing the above criteria are met. In Canada / USA region, funding may be available for those who fall through the cracks of government assistance and meet the above criteria.  See



As for any NCM response, the local pastor (of the church / churches involved in responding) and the DS must approve any proposed initiative prior to the request being directed to NCM.  If a distribution of food / goods is planned, then complete a request form available from your District Superintendent. If the request is for anything beyond a simple distribution of food / non-food items, then the templates for NCM Proposal and Budget must be completed.


Each gift will be used as designated except where any given need has been fully met or in the case when the specified project(s) cannot be reasonably carried out, then the donor agrees that the designated gift may be used where it is needed most.


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