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March 16th - Another $150,000 is being sent this week for the Nazarene humanitarian response outlined above. In addition, the Children's Safe Space is now operational across from the train stations in Przemysi and Medyka in Poland. This is a secure area where mothers can shower and change and rest and children can play with other children. Nazarene workers are interacting with arriving families at the train station and in the Children's Safe Space, helping them find a room in Warsaw or Krakow, providing a "humanizing experience" in the midst of chaos.


March 3rd - NCM has sent 100k USD to be sent to Eurasia regional office.  From the Eurasia account, we are sending funds to the Poland NCM account, as well as accounts in church Hungary and Moldova. In Ukraine, we are sending funds directly to the cards of pastors and leaders there so they can support the people sheltering in their churches.


The funds are being used for... 

a) within the Ukraine - by pastors to purchase needed items for displaced people in their churches and communities (food, water, baby formula and diapers, blankets, medicine, etc), to transport people to safer locations, to deliver items to people sheltering in basements and other shelters, for blankets and bedding for churches that are providing a place to rest and sleep for people in transit to the border etc.

b) in countries on the border with the Ukraine, NCM together with Nazarene missionaries and other Nazarenes are supplying relief items (food, water) , medicines, toiletries, blankets etc.  for arriving refugees, helping arrange transport and accommodation and whatever else is needed. I understand that they are planning a tent to serve as a safe place for children arriving.  I do know that NCM is also partnering with other organizations to provide trauma counselling and anti-human trafficking services. 


As partners in the global mission of Christ, we bear witness to the unity of the church that transcends borders and cultures. Even when conflict erupts between nations in which the church is present, we follow Christ first and foremost. The current crisis developing on the Eurasia North Field, as a result of the conflict in Ukraine, is impacting many of our sisters and brothers in Christ and their communities. 

In response to this growing crisis, we will be working to mobilize Nazarene churches in the region to meet the needs of those for whom violence and displacement have become a sudden reality. 

NCM is responding.  You can help in this effort by doing the following…




Pray for the people of Ukraine. Pray for those who are displaced and injured and without basic necessities. Pray for those who have lost loved ones. Pray for our churches who are providing shelter and sharing food and water and other basic necessities. Pray for resources to help our churches respond to the overwhelming needs and for security in getting resources to people in need.


DONATE TODAY to the Ukraine Crisis - ACM1198 Response:


By Credit Card 

  • Use the "DONATE NOW" button below

  • Call 1-888-808-7490 or 905-602-8220 Ext 2 (Speak to Yara)

By Cheque

  • Make a cheque payable to the church of the Church of the Nazarene Canada, and mail to:

Church of the Nazarene Canada

3657 Ponytrail Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L4X 1W5

Be sure to designate "Ukraine Crisis - ACM1198"  

By e-Transfer

  • Send to (no password required). 

  • Be sure to indicate "Ukraine Crisis - ACM1198" in the comments box along with your full mailing address if you wish a charitable receipt.

Thank you for praying, for caring, and for sharing your gifts of compassion for those in need.


There is a process to be followed to sponsor a refugee/refugee family. Learn more here.

It would seem that individuals cannot sponsor a refugee or refugee family unless the refugee is a close relative.   The sponsorship must be a joint sponsorship in one of three ways 1) as a sponsorship agreement holder, 2) as a group of five, or 3) as a community organization. NCM Canada is not a registered sponsorship agreement holder nor is the Church of the Nazarene Canada.


For a list of sponsorship agreement holders in Ontario, please visit here.


The information on the Canadian government website says that you can select a specific refugee or refugee family but that the process takes longer. As of March 21, the government of Canada announced a faster process here.

Four children sitting on rubble.

Jesus helped people where there was need, and when there was need.

NCM Canada wants to be ready to help when the need arises as well. Whether it is devestation as the result of a natural disaster, or the fall out from war - we want to be ready to go and provide the necessary help.


This is one of the reasons why we are so grateful for supporters who provide regular, monthly support.  By having funds come in on each month, we are able to have a better idea of how much we will have to work with, should an emergency occur.


NCM Canada partners with other organizations to provide the appropriate response based on the situation.

Each gift will be used as designated except where any given need has been fully met or in the case when the specified project(s) cannot be reasonably carried out, then the donor agrees that the designated gift may be used where it is needed most.