What is the difference between sponsoring a child through Child Sponsorship and giving monthly to Child Development Centres (CDC)?


The basic difference is that with child sponsorship you get to choose a particular child to sponsor and you correspond with that child throughout the year. This means that some money must be used to handle this correspondence and do translations. Some money also goes for postage and other admin costs.

With giving monthly to child development centres(a CDC), there is no selection of a particular child or correspondence between the donor and the child. More of the money goes to the actual CDC which serves not just one or a few children but a number of children, as well as their families, and the community. You will get reporting, but it will be stories and pictures of the whole CDC and how the funds helped children, their families, and the community.

Are there any deductions from my donation for administration?


If you give online through Canada Helps, there is a small deduction.

How can I get information about volunteer opportunities?


These are links for volunteer opportunities:





Are My Online Donations Tax Deductable


The answer is YES. Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Canada sends out Tax Receipts for all donations received either by Mail/Phone. Canada Helps issues Tax Receipts for all Online Donations received through their site.


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