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Warmest greetings to all NMI Presidents and those who promote our NCM Canada ministry in your local churches.

This “landing page” is designed specifically for you to access the resources you need to promote our NCM Canada funded projects this year.

Below you will find links to our most current short videos (none are more than 3 minutes), one-page promotional flyers (downloadable) and social media posts (for you to use in promotion online) for the NCM Canada focus projects this year. 

Of course, if you want other videos, stories, or other information on these and other projects, please visit the other pages on our website @ 

Thank you for your generous giving.  You are helping people who are vulnerable, needy, and hurting.  You are helping local Nazarene churches in Africa, the Middle East, Ukraine, South Asia and in the Asia-Pacific region to reach out with love and compassion to their neighbours sharing the good news of the Gospel.


Lives are being transformed because of your giving!


Download Videos

If you would like any of these videos in an MP4 format to share during a service or gathering, please feel free to email Yara at to request the ones you want.


Social Media Posts








Printable Material: One Page Flyers

English: Click here to download PDF (1MB)

Flyers EN_Page_01.jpg
Flyers EN_Page_02.jpg
Flyers EN_Page_03.jpg
Flyers EN_Page_04.jpg
Flyers EN_Page_05.jpg
Flyers EN_Page_06.jpg
Flyers EN_Page_07.jpg
Flyers EN_Page_08.jpg
Flyers EN_Page_09.jpg
Flyers EN_Page_10.jpg

French: Click here​ to download PDF (1MB)

Spanish: Click here to download PDF (1MB)


Get Engaged

To subscribe to our Newsletters by mail or by email, click on  and sign up at the bottom of the page or contact Yara at 1-888-808-7490 or 905-602-8220 Ext. 2 


To download the 2022 Annual Report Click Here.

Engage with NCM Canada: Faith in Action

English: Click here to download PDF (260kb)


Spanish: Click here to download PDF (260kb)

We post lots of stories and pictures on Social Media.  Please Follow Us, Like, and Share our posts.


We are so grateful for you and for your hearts of compassion! 


The NCM Canada Team

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