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A mother and her two children being looked at by a worker.

Imagine you’re a child. Now, imagine what it would be like if your family had to flee from your home in the middle of the night because of violence or persecution. You’re shocked. You’re frightened. You’re vulnerable.


To be vulnerable can mean a lot of things: hunger, sickness, being alone, nowhere safe to lay your head, lack of education. Children who have been caught in conflict often experience this list on top of the trauma of losing their homes and, often, their loved ones.


Around the world, more than 30 million children have been forced from their homes due to conflict, violence, and persecution. Right now, children are reeling after their entire lives have been uprooted. They need hope, healing, and love.


As the church, we can say to children caught in conflict, “You are not forgotten!”

By providing displaced children with necessities such as food, safe water, winter blankets, and education, you will ensure they have hope for a better tomorrow. By providing care and compassion in the name of Christ, you will remind them they are not forgotten and that they are loved by God.


Together, we are the church. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

Each gift will be used as designated except where any given need has been fully met, in which case the donor agrees that the designated gift can be used where needed most.  NCM Canada is a ministry of the Church of the Nazarene Canada  Reg. No 127875276RR0001


There is a process to be followed to sponsor a refugee/refugee family. Learn more here.

It would seem that individuals cannot sponsor a refugee or refugee family unless the refugee is a close relative.   The sponsorship must be a joint sponsorship in one of three ways 1) as a sponsorship agreement holder, 2) as a group of five, or 3) as a community organization. NCM Canada is not a registered sponsorship agreement holder nor is the Church of the Nazarene Canada.


For a list of sponsorship agreement holders in Ontario, please visit here.


The information on the Canadian government website says that you can select a specific refugee or refugee family but that the process takes longer. As of March 21, the government of Canada announced a faster process here.

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