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Human Trafficking is the exploitation, manipulation, or control of a person by violence or threats of violence, to provide sexual services or forced labour.

Human Trafficking is the fastest growing criminal activity globally. Most traffickers recruit online, befriending and grooming the vulnerable (usually women, children, and teens), manipulating them until they have them under their control. Traffickers also hang out wherever young people congregate.


Providing a safe home and care for 60 newly rescued children - survivors of cybersex trafficking. Funding houseparents, initial assessment, medical, psychosocial and spiritual care, as well as reintegration into a loving home.


Statistics Canada stated the following:

  • Nova Scotia, Ontario and Saskatchewan have the highest rates of human trafficking

  • 96% of reported cases were of women and girls

  • From 2019-21 there were 1,203 victims

  • 9/10 victims were trafficked by someone they knew

  • More than 93% of Canada’s trafficked individuals come from Canada.

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Each gift will be used as designated except where any given need has been fully met or in the case when the specified project(s) cannot be reasonably carried out, then the donor agrees that the designated gift may be used where it is needed most.

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