THANK YOU for your being willing to support NCM Canada! This ministry is powerful and effective, but we can't do it without the ongoing support of individuals like you.


The most effective way to support our work is to give an small amount each month.  This allows us to plan our work ahead of time, knowing what we can expect on a monthly basis.  It's also an affordable way for you to give.  A gift of just $30 per month will actually provide $360 each year, which is amazing. Of course, you will recieve a tax receipt for the total amount.


Child Sponsorship is another option, as well as simply giving a one-time donation towards our work.


Whatever you can do - we are SO THANKFUL for your support!


Give a little, change a lot!


All purchases are tax deductable.  Each gift will be used as designated, except where any given need has been fully met or where a project cannot be reasonably carried out. In that case, the donor agrees that the designated gift can be used wherever it is needed most.