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Help Fight Human Trafficking by becoming aware of the scope of the problem within Canada, by raising awareness in your local church and community, and by sending funds to help us fight Human Trafficking.

NCM Canada currently provides support for three Christian Canadian organizations involved in Anti-Human Trafficking.


U-R Home supports survivors of Human Trafficking and raises awareness and educates students, parents and communities about the prevalence and perils of Human Trafficking.


A representative from U-R Home upon acknowledging the gift wrote,


"The pandemic has certainly not slowed trafficking & exploitation of young girls & women in our communities. U-R Home has received more Survivor Friends (clients) who need assistance during the last number of months. Your funds will provide food stability (gift cards), assistance with rent for stable housing, paying for trauma counseling (many of our Survivor Friends exit with complex PTSD), obtaining documents & applying for Temporary Resident Permit, provide U-R Home Care Bags (filled with toiletries, clothing, winter coat, hat/mitts, blanket, towel set, journal - cost $300.) - given for free with no strings attached, furniture for a first time apt home, clothing for new jobs, bus passes, gift cards for gas & transportation (taking a young baby to many medical appointments). One Survivor Friend said this comment upon receiving a U-R Home Care Bag “Receiving a care bag enabled me to feel as though I Was personally thought of. It was nice to get hygiene products so I could feel like a woman. A care bag was something given to me without a need for anything in return. I have not been given something without the need for reciprocating in a while. Very Grateful, K” U-R Home could not do the work God has called us to do with our community partners, our Survivor Friends without the generosity of individuals like yourselves. Thank You!"


As well as supporting survivors of Human Trafficking, NCM Canada is vitally interested in supporting like minded agencies who help prevent youth from ending up on the streets. Such a ministry is the YU-Turn Home a skill development program for young people ages 16-22 who are in need of, and desire support to become holistically healthy, fully dependent, community contributors. The program works with at-risk and vulnerable youth in Central Alberta. Penny Ure, is the Housing Director. She wrote...

"Our house mentor Sarah related that a recent housing applicant had shared with her that she has an agent, who has been filming her for a movie. The agent told her that she has something to offer that other girls don’t have. The movie’s vulnerable content reveals the nature of what her agent is looking for.


Tragically, this young woman is being drawn into a complex industry that marginalizes and manipulates women for the sake of profit. This young lady does not have any resources and is just finishing her high school. We will be helping her to clarify and accomplish her goals, teaching her about safety, supporting her in learning life skills and most of all loving her unconditionally.


We are so thankful for the support to rescue those who could otherwise be forced or coerced into inappropriate and unfathomable acts. Our female housing program has 3 young ladies and 2 female house mentors. The funding will be used to help with monthly support as well as mental health and wellness for them. Our youth arrive with so much trauma to process. In order for the youth to start moving forward and feel worth they need an opportunity to replace the lies they have heard and told themselves with the truth that Jesus’ love promises. Thank you again for the support and we appreciate the collaboration with NCMC!"




Download the Anti-human Trafficking Awareness Kit and share the video to parents, youth leaders, local churches 


Pray for for the victims of Anti-Human Trafficking and those who care for them.


Freedom Sunday is promoted internationally. You can set aside any Sunday in the year to raise awareness of human trafficking.  For more information and resources see resources (above) and also


By Credit Card 

  • Use the "DONATE NOW" button below

  • Call 1-888-808-7490 or 905-602-8220 Ext 2 (Speak to Yara)

By Cheque

  • Make a cheque payable to the church of the Church of the Nazarene Canada, and mail to:

Church of the Nazarene Canada

3657 Ponytrail Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L4X 1W5. 

Be sure to designate "Anti-Human Trafficking"  

By e-Transfer

  • Send to (no password required). 

  • Be sure to indicate "NCM Canada - Anti-Human Trafficking" in the comments box along with your full mailing address if you wish a charitable receipt.


The stories, the facts, and the testimonials….  

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Thank you for your support of Anti-Human Trafficking! 

Each gift will be used as designated except where any given need has been fully met or in the case when the specified project(s) cannot be reasonably carried out, then the donor agrees that the designated gift may be used where it is needed most.

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